Friday, 26 August 2011

Domed Decals for Dealerships

We have mentioned the polyurethane doming process as an additional step in making dealership decals. Domed decals require a lab like environment, free of dust and particulate that is equipped with precision level drying cases for the liquid doming material to cure in overnight. Polyurethane can be quite a toxic substance to work with, however there are polyurethanes that are eco-friendly and much safer for technicians to work with and healthier for the planet.
These high quality resins cure into a flexible, crystal clear bubble coat over the top of the decal. It will not fade, yellow or become brittle over time. It is also scratch resistant and will dent and rebound instead of chipping on impact. Needless to say it is weatherproof and capable of withstanding both high and low extreme temperatures.
Domed decals can be seen on millions of household products, computers, industrial equipment and vehicles and offer a cost effective alternative to molded plastic or die cast badges.

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