Friday, 26 August 2011

Cut Vinyl Decals

Cut vinyl decals are custom silhouette cut around the decal logo or lettering. The waste material outside of the cut-line is removed and often the decals are masked with a light adhesive sheet tape that holds all of the individual pieces in alignment during application.
Cut vinyl decals can be printed and cut, in the case of a multiple color design - or simply cut from colored vinyl stock if the design is one color. Vinyl comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from and in the event that your color is not available, it can be printed to match almost any Pantone number you require.
As well, vinyl is available in a variety of metallic and other special finishes, such as brushed aluminum, reflective, chrome silver and metallic gold.
Cut vinyl decals are especially effective with lettering and logos. The individual components can even be domed for a premium look and extra durable finish. Doming works best on shapes that have rounded, gradual curves rather than acute angles as the liquid doming material can otherwise tend to overflow the material.

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