Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Dealership Decals

Dealership decals are common on most new and even used vehicles, such as cars, truck and RV's. They are a valuable branding tool for dealerships, providing brand recognition and service reminders for customers once their new vehicle is off the lot.
There are a variety of dealer decal options, ranging in sizes, shapes and substrates. Some are intended for placement on the exterior of the vehicle, such as the trunk or side quarter panel. Others are designed for placement on interior windows, with permanent or even removable adhesives such as static cling.
Dealer decals can be standard shapes, such as ovals, circles or rectangles or they can be custom cut or silhouette cut to follow the contours of the design or individual lettering. A secondary process called "doming" involves the application of a polyurethane bubble to the decals providing an extra durable coating and 3d appearance. Domed decals are also less expensive to produce than molded plastic or metallic badges - and they can be made to look almost identical.
Custom dealer decals are often produced using digital printing presses or screen printing methods. Digital printing can often allow for more colors and shape variations, while screen printing offers more durability and higher opacity to the inks. Every custom printing project has it's own unique requirements so choosing a printing professional than can provide you with the best options available is a must.
In this blog, we will go over several dealership decal options - providing information on the standard printing processes involved and sample images of decals produced in the past.

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